Make a New "Trending"
at Your Programmes and Events!

"TweetVision", a Social Networking Curation and Live System
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You can turn that#hashtag into "Trending".

Easily realize Twitter cooperative projects!
For planning and appearances on streamed programs and real events.

TweetVision is a web service that allows you to search for tweets associated with a certain hastag and incorporate them into a video.

  1. Interactive
  2. Spreading information
  3. No need to develop
  4. Low cost operation
  5. Customizability

1.InteractiveYou can easily realize productions that allow viewers to participate.

The voices of viewers are heard on video in real-time and can help to liven up events.This brings interactive communication between the cast/organizers and users to life and adds an extra element of “liveness” to your content.

You can easily realize productions that allow viewers to participate.

2.Spreading informationTrending on Twitter, and has a proven track record.

By seeking tweets that include a specific hashtag, as your events liven up, you can also look to get your event trending on Twitter.You can also get even more tweets, retweets, and likes from users who see the tweet display on TweetVision, which allows you to realize a naturally occurring SNS promotion.

Trending on Twitter, and has a proven track record.

3.No need to developEasy to introduce and operate with no need to develop

As TweetVision operations are completed using a browser, there is no need for any special hardware or software.
In addition, with its sophisticated operation screen UI, even first-time users can easily operate the technology to select and display tweets.

Easy to introduce and operate with no need to develop

4.Low cost operationCan be introduced for a low cost and with low burden on operation.

After setting up, all you need to do to use the technology is click. If you use the “automatic collection function”, you can operate it unmanned for your actual events.
During the contracted period, you can change the target hashtags at any time you like, meaning it is possible to use it for multiple events in one contract.

Can be introduced for a low cost and with low burden on operation.

5.CustomizabilityCan be customized into unique designs.

The tweet output screen (vision screen) allows you to select from multiple layouts, meaning it can be introduced to suit the situation you require, from online streaming, tv broadcasts, or signage. In addition, by arranging unique images in the background, you can change the design to suit your event’s view.

Can be customized into unique designs.

About the newly built-in automatic collection function

Just by turning on the “automatic mode” switch on the operation screen, a function that automatically collects tweets with the specified hashtag is enabled.

With this you can realize SNS-related plans easier, whether it is for long live streaming, tv broadcasts, or permanent exhibitions at event venues and commercial facilities that use large screens and digital signage.

Even while automatic mode is on, you can conduct manual operations such as omitting tweets you don’t want to show, or changing the order.
In addition, you can turn automatic mode on and off whenever you wish, allowing you to flexibly manage settings to suit programme or event.

Moreover, with the “board design” vision optimized for signage, you can display a list of multiple tweets using large screens.

Screen Images

Basic Functions

As it is offered as a web service, all management is operated using browsers.
  • Management screen

    Management screen
    A list of tweets associated with up to three hashtags will be displayed. You can pick up tweets that you want to display during live streams with intuitive operations,
  • Vision screen

    Vision screen
    You can choose from either a board design or bottom strip design for the layout of the vision screen. You can set a background image and choose a design that fits the video.
  • Streaming screen

    Streaming screen
    The vision screen along with composition/cropping of the main videos such as camera images complete the video to stream. You can easily realize programme arrangement including the voices of viewers.

Vision screen customization example

You can customize the design to suit your streaming content using background image setting function on the Standard Plan.


  • business image 1
  • business image 2
  • business image 3
  • business image 4
  • business image 5


  • entertainment image 1
  • entertainment image 2
  • entertainment image 3
  • entertainment image 4
  • entertainment image 5
  • *On the video composition part of the tweet display screen, you will need hardware or software that allows you to crop the screen or execute chroma key composition. In addition, if you wish to change the tweet display part of the vision screen into a partially see-through design rather than a single-color background, you can prepare a design with a black background and use luminance key to make it clearly see-through. (The video switcher that you use needs to support luminance key.)
  • *Display for large screens at event venues and digital signage are also supported, in addition to support for live streaming for PCs and smartphones.

Example of system configuration

No need to install any special hardware or software.
The browser screen can be loaded onto a switcher such as TriCaster or OBS and displayed.
*Please have two PCs (one for operation, one for input) with a stable internet connection and the latest version of Google Chrome installed.
System Diagram

Introduction examples

Can be used for a number of purposes, including entertainment-related live streams such as live music, sport broadcasting, and game streaming, as well as company press releases for new products, conferences, and web seminars.


Price plans

Can be introduced for a variety of situations suited for your use, from small to large scale programmes, events, and signage.
  • Pro Plan
    Professional use plan to meet all needs
    1,500,000 Yen
    (Including Tax: 1,650,000 Yen)

    • Number of tweets collectable *1

      Up to 500K tweets
      (total 5K requests)
    • Contact period

      30 days
      (From the 26th of each month to the 25th of the next month)
    • Changing hashtags during the contract period

    • Customize the vision screen *2

      (Available for multiple projects)
  • Trial
    Low-cost, easy trial plan for all features
    30,000 Yen
    (Including Tax: 33,000 Yen)

    • Number of tweets collectable *1

      Up to 3K tweets
      (total 30 requests)
    • can try out all of the functions of the Pro Plan before formally signing up.
      The trial version has an upper limit of 30 search requests. The fact you are using the trial version is displayed on the vision screen. *3
  • Basic Plan
    Recommended for use with a variety of streaming events and signage
    500,000 Yen
    (Including Tax: 550,000 Yen)

    • Number of search requests *1

      Up to 1,000 times
      (you can add 500 times for 55,000 Yen)
    • Contact period

      30 days
    • Changing hashtags during the contract period

    • Customize the vision screen *2

  • Starter Plan
    Recommended for use with small scale/short streams
    250,000 Yen
    (Including Tax: 275,000 Yen)

    • Number of search requests *1

      Up to 3,000 times
      (you can add 500 times for 22,000 Yen)
    • Contact period

      10 days
    • Changing hashtags during the contract period

      Not Supported
    • Customize the vision screen *2

  • *All amounts listed are tax inclusive except noted.
  • *1: The number of tweets that can be retrieved (updated) on the admin page. It is calculated by the total value of all hashtag searches you specify. As a rule of thumb, a Pro Plan subscription allows for a total of 24 hours of live streaming.
  • *2: You can choose from six types of layouts. You can also set unique background images (please prepare image data fit for the template).
    Please consider the priced options listed below if you wish to use more advanced customization.
  • *3: Writing at the end of the tweets that feed onto the vision screen will be added saying "this is a trial version". This cannot be used for actual streams.

Paid options

The control operator and equipment is dispatched and a richer design is customized.
*Additional option for the Basic/Starter Plan contract project.
  • Operator Option *1
    Operators & equipment dispatching
    80,000 Yen/time
    (Including Tax: 88,000 Yen) *2

    • Content provided

      One operator + two PCs
      (PC for operation/PC for vision) *3 *4
    • The operator and equipment are dispatched, then the equipment for TweetVision is set and operations performed for the operation screen.
  • CustomDesign Option
    Advanced customization
    According on the content *5

    • Content provided

      Providing specialist designs tailored to needs *6
    • Design customization such as layout changes and selection of font types and schemes are available, all more advanced than with regular plans.
  • *All amounts listed are tax inclusive except noted.
  • *1: Operator Option is only available to corporations and individual customers registered or living in Japan.
  • *2: With each dispatch, support is provided for eight hours in one day. If it exceeds the time, or if operation is required on another day for rehearsals or setting up, then quotations will be provided in accordance with inquiries.
    If applying for the Starter Plan, the Operator Option is only provided when using for the first time. When using for the second time onwards, if you would like the operator and equipment dispatching, you will need the Basic Plan.
  • *3: If our company is in charge of the operator and equipment, video signal handover will generally be done via HDMI (1080p) and operator stations. If you would like a handover using HD-SDI, 4K support, or a long cable, please let us know separately.
  • *4: Please provide the service platform that this company operates with your internet connection (wired LAN) and power source (bridged circuit) separately.
  • *5: Quotations will be submitted according to the scale of customization.
  • *6: A wide variety of designs can be customized, including the built-in fonts and the size of the tweet display area. However, this may not be possible depending on the demand content.



Here we will explain the FAQs we have regarding service contracts and usage.